About Us

Hi There! Ok, so now that you found us, come discover some really great Coffee.

We’re coffee lovers like you guys.  We have researched the best way to reach “freshly made” Hot Brew Coffee, that delectable cuppa with the right amount of acidity, flavour, aroma and coffee oils. No, we are nowhere near making a perfect coffee, but we invite you to join our journey in the quest for that perfect cuppa.

We bottle and ship Hot Brews like Italian Mocha Espresso,  Drip Coffee, French Press Coffee so we can make that near perfect blend of Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Americano or savoury cold cocktails and ice-cream blends.

…don’t just sit there, come fall in love with coffee once all over again.

And oh yes, spread the word. We don’t want you to ever go anywhere else for coffee again..

Our coffee beans are freshly sourced from the Chikmagalur  area and we use 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. No Robusta is used in any of our blends. No chicory. No pre-ground coffee and No, No Instant Coffee. Our Coffee is roasted in a scientifically monitored environment and we never ever use pre-roasted beans which is harakiri for your cuppa.

 We love coffee more than you will ever imagine. We fall in love with Coffee once all over again every morning and the affair is just getting started.

Have fun!

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